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Comprehensive Care—Conveniently

The mission of our experienced dentist, Dr. Viorela Bauer, and our team is to provide exceptional cosmetic and restorative dentistry that restores the complete health and confidence of our patients. However, a very important part of helping you achieve optimal dental health and a beautiful smile is through general preventive services and treatments like routine hygiene appointments and oral pathology exams. Our comprehensive dental services provide exceptional care for patients of all ages, all within a single and convenient location—our Arroyo Grande, CA office. Dr. Bauer has received extensive training and education in a variety of dental services and treatments and chooses to incorporate advanced technology into your care. With 20 years of experience in comprehensive dentistry and a state-of-the-art approach to dental care, she and our team are fully equipped to care for all your dental needs.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services

We’re here when you need us most. If you experience a severe toothache, have a tooth dislodged or knocked out, or have any other sudden emergency, call our office. We can generally see emergency patients the same day.

Proactively keeping teeth healthy is one way to prevent decay, damage, or disease. We provide comprehensive examinations, x-rays, hygiene cleanings, sealants, oral pathology exams, and fluoride treatment.

If you have had the misfortune of a cavity or damage to your tooth, a composite filling can restore its function and natural beauty, metal-free.

Don’t let damage or a large cavity keep your teeth from their optimal function and aesthetics. Inlays and onlays help restore strength and structure to teeth that have been chipped or treated so a dental crown is not needed.

If your bite feels “off”, it is most likely because some of your teeth don’t quite fit together and are causing tension, pain, or stiffness in your muscles and joints. We adjust the surface of these problem teeth to restore balance to the bite.

Oral pathology relates to any diseases of the mouth, including cysts and tumors. We check for subtle signs and changes to the mucosa, or the interior lining of the mouth, and tongue for changes to color and texture.

Children’s dental health is critical to ensuring they maintain good hygiene habits and better overall oral health as they grow older. Our pediatric appointments focus on education and prevention, including x-rays, oral exams, and sealants.

Chronic bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) wears down tooth enamel, causes muscle pain and stiffness, and can lead to issues with the temporomandibular joint and jaw pain. Our treatment includes custom mouth guards that keep teeth apart to help soothe muscles and protect teeth.

Persistent toothaches are often the cause of infection in the tooth roots. A root canal removes this infection and replaces the empty canal with a solidifying material. We can preserve the natural tooth by attaching a dental crown that restores strength and function.

The frenulum, or tissue securing the tongue and upper lip, sometimes restricts their movement too much. We remove this tissue with a dental laser, a fast and virtually painless procedure that causes little bleeding.

Scaling and root planing deep cleans the crown and roots of teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. The first line of defense against gum disease, scaling clears away harmful bacteria from the buildup. Root planing smooths teeth to help healthy gums reattach, reducing the depth of the pockets around the teeth.

Gum tissue that covers too much of the tooth crowns gives the appearance of a “gummy” smile, makes it difficult to treat decay, and leaves little room for restorations like dental crowns. We remove and reshape the gum tissue.

Periodontal maintenance cleans teeth above and below the gum line and checks for signs of gum disease. Usually performed every 3-4 months (once gum disease treatment is completed), this maintenance makes sure plaque and tartar do not build up and cause infection of the gums.

Let us take care of all your dentistry needs.