Advanced Dental Technology - Arroyo Grande, CA

Experience a Different Kind of Dentistry

Leaving Traditional Stigmas Behind

Conventional dentistry has long held the stigma of being painful, time-consuming, and invasive. Today, thanks to advanced dental technology, you can look and feel better and receive an attractive, healthy smile with greater comfort, convenience, and safety. Advanced technology takes away many of the invasive parts of conventional dentistry, leaving you with a beautiful smile that can be achieved virtually painlessly and with little-to-no downtime. You don’t have to put off dental visits due to traditional sights, sounds, or smells any longer. Advanced dental technology in Arroyo Grande, CA helps many patients experience more comfortable and less painful treatments. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Viorela Bauer, and our team are trained to use the technology in our office and welcome you to experience our state-of-the-art care.

Our Advanced Dental Technology


PIEZOSURGERY is a technique that uses micro-vibrations to precision cut bone without harming to the soft tissue. This method reduces tissue trauma during the extraction process.

iTero® Scanner

The intraoral scanner takes high quality, digital images of the teeth. Our scanner helps us better plan treatments, especially for Invisalign® and dental restorations.

Cone Beam CT

Diagnostic imaging captures in 3D the entire inside of the mouth, including the teeth, bone, nerves, and sinus cavities. Digital x-rays produce less radiation than traditional x-rays, while providing clearer and more precise images.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC technology mills custom dental crowns and veneers conveniently while you wait. Our digital software and in-house milling machine make it possible to restore teeth in one appointment.

Intraoral Camera

A hand-held device that captures high-resolution images and videos of the teeth in real time so our patients can see what we see.

Comfort, Safety, Convenience

Making sure our patients feel comfortable and safe is one reason why we incorporate advanced dental technology into all our treatments. This technology assists us in providing less invasive and more convenient care and improves the experiences of many of our patients. By helping to improve diagnosis and treatment, our technology can also offer patients more targeted and effective treatment that can return them to a healthier state and improve the function and beauty of their smiles. If you are looking for a dentist who provides comfortable, safe, and convenient care, visit our office today.

Advanced technology can improve your dental experiences.