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Crown Lengthening: How I Fixed My Small Teeth with a Simple Procedure

Smiles are unique and personal to everybody. Not everyone has the same exact teeth, so just because your smile does not look like another person’s smile does not mean there is something wrong with your teeth. If you are ever feeling insecure about your smile, a little help from a periodontist can help in improving the appearance of the teeth. In the case of a smile that involves smaller teeth, Dr. Viorela Bauer and the team at Bauer Dental Center, offer procedures such as esthetic crown lengthening.

What Is a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is a lot like how it sounds. It is when the gum line or bone tissue cover a good portion of the natural tooth. This can make the gum line appear longer and the teeth appear to be smaller than they actually are. There is nothing wrong with a gummier smile, but if it affects your confidence, there are solutions available.

What Is Involved with Crown Lengthening?

Esthetic crown lengthening involves adjusting the gum line to make the teeth appear longer. In the case of a gummy smile, Dr. Bauer adjusts the gum or excess bone to reveal more of the natural tooth that is hidden underneath. However, crown lengthening can also be done in the case of damaged teeth that are unable to be restored through crowns or bridges. In this case, the gum line can be adjusted to make what is left of the tooth appear to be a natural size and shape.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits to an esthetic crown lengthening procedure include a restored smile appearance and a boost in confidence. Instead of hiding your smile, you can show it off with pride and not worry about what people think of your gums or tooth size. When you have a gummy smile, it does not affect the function of the teeth, but can make you feel less confident. Correcting this is completely personal but can make the world of difference in how you feel.

Where Can You Learn More?

If you have noticed a lack of self-confidence, crown lengthening may be a good solution for you.

Contact our office today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Bauer and her team to find out more about our dental procedures that will restore your smile and confidence.

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