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Dental Crowns Are Pain Free Dental Solutions

Are Dental Crowns Painful?
While it may sound painful the installation of dental crowns is actually a rather moderately painless. Please refer to the information below for some information about the installation of dental crowns. You will learn about the process of the dental crown procedure and how likely it is to experience pain. 

Pain During
The only pain that you will feel during dental implant surgery is the pain of one prick. This single prick injects lidocaine to numb the tooth area and with this shot all of the physical discomfort is alleviated. This allows your dentist to prepare the tooth and place a crown on it without you feeling any pain.

Pain Afterwards
The majority of people who receive a lidocaine shot experiencing a limited amount of pain after the shot wears off because the major pain and soreness has passed. Your dentist will most likely suggest an over-the-counter pain medication just in case you have any pain after you have left their office. Also, in the off chance you do experience a significant amount of pain your dentist may go ahead and write a prescription for a small supply of stronger painkillers in order to help ease your discomfort.

The Takeaway and Next Steps
Many people only experience a minor amount of pain in relation to having dental crowns put in, and in the case of those who do experience moderate pain there is relief. This relief comes in the form of staff who are trained to assist a patient with their pain. Also, a doctor who can prescribe something for pain.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown
A dental crown can last at least a decade or even two because it has been installed by an experienced dentist and their staff. Also, the lifespan depends on the care you take and put into your dental hygiene.

Consult your Dentist
Reach out to your dentist to find out more information about dental crowns and if they’re right for you.

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