Grafting Options
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Grafting Options

Before undergoing dental implant surgery, your dentist will do a consultation that assesses your oral health. During this consultation, your dentist will go over your jawbone density and check to see if your soft tissue is stable enough and not receeding to hold the implants. This is imperative before the procedure begins, because without proper strength, the implant will not be as successful as possible.

The dental implant procedure is very effective if your jawbone and gums have the proper strength. Bone and soft tissue grafting will make sure you have the proper strength, to have your dental implant surgery be prosperous. 

Bone Grafting

If your jawbone is not dense enough and your implant is placed, you risk dental implant failure. This is why bone grafting is necessary if you suffer from that condition, to ensure you have a healthy foundation for your dental implants.

Bone grafting involves removing bone from areas in the body and placing it in the affected area. When this takes place, the bone eventually fuses together, which creates the strong foundation.

Soft Tissue Grafting

The other type of grafting you may need to endure is soft tissue grafting. This procedure makes sure that your teeth with remain stable. With improper amount of gums, your teeth may shift or loosen. Soft tissue grafting is essential if you have a receeding gum line. If your gums are diminishing, more of the tooth will be exposed, which creates a susceptible area for decay and gum disease.

Once the consultation is complete and any prior surfaces are done, the titanium rod will be implanted. Your jaw bone will then grow into the surface of the dental implant and will unite with it.

It is important to go to a trusting doctor so you know your implant will not fail. Contact your doctor if you’re in need of any more information or if you have any questions.

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