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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Smile?

There comes a point where brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic whitener just isn’t enough – your teeth are getting any brighter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t progress past this point. It just means you’ll need some professional health. Take a look at how a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry can help you take your smile to the next level with some of the following cosmetic procedures and more.


There are many health-related reasons for wanting straighter teeth, yet aesthetics are more of a priority for many people with misaligned teeth. With “appearance” being such a big factor in helping people decide to straighten their teeth, wearing metal braces seems counterintuitive for some people. However, there’s a way to straighten teeth discreetly: Invisalign® invisible aligner trays.

These clear aligner trays are just about invisible, especially when worn on teeth. The aligner trays are customized to the individual’s teeth so that the trays fit snuggly and apply pressure to the teeth that need to be moved – whether it’s just a few teeth that are misaligned, or all of them.

Teeth Whitening and Veneers

The teeth whitening solutions your dentist will offer will be more powerful than those found in take-home whitening kits found at retail locations. That means you’ll need fewer applications to get the results you want. On top of that, your dentist can help you correct problems that may be worsened by teeth whitening. For example, your dentist may spot a tiny cavity and fill it before starting your whitening treatment.

Crown Lengthening

What if it isn’t your teeth that is the problem with your smile? What if your gums are too prominent in your smile? A cosmetic dentist can use a dental laser to carefully trim back overgrown gum tissue, revealing more of your teeth and making your smile look fuller. Done with a laser, the procedure is quick and relatively painless – no anesthesia needed.

More on Invisalign in Pismo Beach, CA

Take a moment to reserve an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign in Pismo Beach, CA and Arroyo Grande, CA.

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