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Why Make Us Your Dental Home?

Today, dentistry must mean more than a place you visit once a year or the inconvenience of having multiple appointments with different specialists. By taking a step forward from basic general dentistry, we saw a need for comprehensive dental care that provided convenience and personalization—a place where patients feel like part of the family and get the all-inclusive care their smiles need. Our philosophy is based on the concept of providing our patients with “a comprehensive plan for ideal dental health.” This treatment philosophy lets us look at your long-term dental picture, creating a plan that will allow for your mouth to be its healthiest now, and in the future, with comprehensive services that rarely require you to leave the comfort and convenience of our Arroyo Grande, CA office.

Why choose us to be your new dentist?

Comprehensive Care

The foundation of any dental care is to have healthy gums, and our primary focus is to make sure every one of our patients has healthy gums. Without a healthy foundation any other dental care cannot be performed and will fail. By maintaining the health of your gums, we can ensure that the foundation for all other dental procedures and restorative treatments can be accomplished and create optimal oral function, dental health, and smile aesthetics for many years to come. Our comprehensive care considers your whole mouth and body, helping you achieve and maintain the best possible oral and overall health.

Advanced Technology

We are equipped with the latest in dental equipment and technologies, including digital x-rays, computer-generated CEREC crowns, intraoral cameras, and computer cosmetic imaging. The products and techniques we utilize are constantly held up to the highest standards and we utilize these materials, technologies, and techniques on a daily basis.

Personalized Treatment

Our procedures and treatments are tailored to match the specific concerns of each of our patients, from the perspective of your entire mouth being healthy. We monitor your dental health through yearly digital x-rays and twice-yearly dental examinations to minimize the risk of infection and disease of the gums, bone, and teeth. We also create customized treatment plans for each patient that will replace and restore missing teeth and/or fillings in a way that will enhance comfort, function, and appearance.

Dental Expertise

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Viorela Bauer, is trained to place and restore dental implants, provide periodontal surgery, lead your full mouth restoration and orthodontic treatment, and administer conscious sedation in our Arroyo Grande, CA office. She and our entire dental team are highly credentialed in the field of dentistry and are trained and skilled in all the services we offer. Occasionally, though rarely, we may refer you to a dental specialist such as a pediatric dentist, endodontist, orthodontist or oral surgeon. Each specialist utilized by our patients for treatment is a reflection on us, therefore is selected with the utmost consideration.

Interested in becoming a patient? We welcome you to our practice.